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mainbrace Rum

The idea for Mainbrace Premium Golden Rum was born on a sunny day at The Ferry Boat Inn in Helford Passage, Cornwall. Watching the gig rowers come into the pub for a celebratory drink after a race, the Haigh family decided to make a drink that captured the essence of Cornwall – crews celebrating teamwork.

Their Story

The family spent the rest of the day there sampling the available rums, and, along with the pub manager (current Brand Manager, Liam Jones), decided there was something missing. With Liam now on board, the Haigh family started testing various blends of flavours with mixologists around Cornwall and London.

Mainbrace’s blend is traditionally crafted with a modern twist – a blend of unaged Agricole from Martinique and a unique selection of 2-5-year-old rums from 3 different stills in Guyana. This is the first time these two types of rum have ever been bottled!

Born from a phrase associated with courage, loyalty, and teamwork, Mainbrace gets its name from the naval tradition of “splicing the mainbrace”. As the main rope connecting the mast of the ship, the mainbrace was often targeted by enemy fire, and the brave team of rankings who repaired it by splicing the rope together would be rewarded by their naval officers with a double tot of rum in celebration.

In line with this tradition, Mainbrace’s bell-bottomed shape and six-pointed star logo are designed to resemble the so-called “grog tubs” used in the Royal Navy to dispense the rum ration. The printed phrase on the cork, “the Queen – God bless her”, is the toast that the Royal Navy would make before enjoying their daily tot.

Their Products

Mainbrace Golden Rum was first launched at London’s RumFest in October 2019, and has since received rave reviews from consumers, trade, and media alike, and has won multiple global awards*.

In August 2020, Mainbrace produced a limited edition run of 500 bottles of Navy Strength Rum with an ABV of 54.5%. Mainbrace Navy Strength Rum is consistent with the Royal Navy Standard of 54.5%. This was the lowest alcohol content that would still allow gunpowder to light if it was soaked in the rum. So, the term “proof” came from testing whether the rum was of high enough ABV to light the gunpowder.

*Mainbrace has received a silver in the London Spirits Awards 2020, a silver at the Rum and Cachaça Masters 2020,  a silver in the International Wine & Spirits Competition, and a bronze in The San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Where to Buy

Mainbrace Premium Golden Rum is on sale for the retail price of £34.99. Mainbrace Navy Strength Rum is on sale for £44.99.

Alternatively, please email hello@mainbracerum.com to order your own bottle.

For a full list of stockists, please visit: https://www.mainbracerum.com/buy-now

For more information, please visit www.mainbracerum.com

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